Written by Jag (a.k.a. Jagannatha Suta)




The foundations of 'Reggae Krishna' from Hari Kirtan's forthcoming album were recorded live, the drums, bass, guitar and lead vocal without a click track. It took approx. 3-4 hours to set up the gear and sound check using analogue equipment throughout. A NEVE pre amp for the drums, a VOX amp for the guitar, DI'd the bass through a Focusrite and a Neumann mic for the vocals. Each musician were in separate booths.

We all took a break after the sound check, had some lunch and totally chilled. It's important to separate the two mind sets, the technical aspect and the actual recording where the vibe becomes the focus. This is actually the 1st take

The other instruments were overdubbed individually that day. One musician insisted on using soft synths for the keyboard parts but I gently nudged the idea out of his head. A Yamaha upright piano and organ we're mic'd up - real instruments make the world of difference, white noise, un-quantized, the tapping of the musicians foot, all of these subtleties translate into music that connects listeners on a deeper level. Music is an expression of emotions through sound vibration, it's not a technical exercise.

The backing vocalist came into record at a later date. I tend to record 2 takes of each part, as during mixing I pan them hard left and right, cut the low frequencies and use an analogue compressor with quite a high ratio.

Editing can be a mindfield, I don't particularly like to over do the editing process as it tends to kill the vibes. I sift through the various overdub takes and choose the best parts, correct any blatantly obvious timing issues for a part and tidy the backing vocals.

Mixing day - A reference track is essential, I sonically compared Bob Marley's 'Exodus' especially for the bass end. Regular and disciplined breaks to rest the ears another critical aspect, the constant distancing of oneself to obtain a real perspective is vital. Analogue mixing is a long winded process but worth the patience. Separating each instrument on the mixing console, patching them to individual compressors and EQ'ing on the desk gives rise to the finished piece.

Mastering - Using high end analogue gear and with a mastering engineer that I've built up a working relationship over the years. None of this over compression and loudness wars. Rather dynamics remain and warmth reigns.

Written & Sung by - Hari Kirtan

Kishi - Bass & Rhythm Guitar

Jagat Pita - Drums, Keys, Percussion

Murlidhara - Rhythm Guitar & Solo Guitar

Shammi Pithia - Bansuri Flute

Ananda Monet - Backing Vocals

Colin - Sax

Produced, Mixed & Recorded by Jag

Mastered by Andy 'Hippy' Baldwin

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The album 'O Mother'

29th Nov 2015